Facilities and Amenities

Senior’s Activity Centre


Complete range of equipment that would delight Mr Harmonia in the making. Also for those who want to tread at their own pace.

Swimming Pool

When you feel like doing a few invigorating laps or just a relaxed oat or may be just dangling your legs in the cool waters.

Green Spaces

An ideal place for long walks and jogging


Cilantro, the air conditioned restaurant, helps make every day a celebration with delectable food in a cheerful ambience.


Ideal for those cozy tete-a-tetes over a cup of coffee, or for a quite read on a plush settee.

Multi-Purpose Hall

When you want to let your hair down, or have a small or for that matter a get together.


Just a haircut or a thorough makeover by the expert. The natter comes free.

Convenience Store

Stocks everything you need and a few, you never heard about.

Lifestyle Amenities

Tennis and Badminton

Have a game with the pro. All you have to lose is a few calories.

Golf Driving Range

Go in for the game of the elite*. Pros, amateurs, greenhorns all welcome.



A place so tranquil that you can hear your soul.


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