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Bhoomi Pooja

True to the adage “Auspicious beginnings are the harbinger of good times”, Harmonia residents give adequate importance to Bhoomi Puja, the step one before starting construction.


Observing traditional rituals and invoking the blessings of the Almighty for prosperity, cheer and good health, as they enter their dream home.

Temple Functions

The temple, which is an integral part of Harmonia, is where everyone heads to, not just for spiritual upliftment but also for the joy of participating in the numerous functions that are regularly held there.

Festival Celebrations

Festivals are great time for celebrations, especially if it is a well bonded community. Standing testimony to this, is the fervour and enthusiasm of the residents which is so visible.

Eco Living

One of the underlying principles of Harmonia is being close to nature and natural way of living. Much of the food for the residents is cooked using vegetables and fruits from the organic farm patches, caring for which is a favourite pastime of quite a few residents.

Health And Wellness

Seniors at Harmonia live a care free life, confident of the fact that in addition to routine health monitoring, the Medical Centre is equipped to handle emergencies too.

Fun Games

The Activity Centre at Harmonia is well equipped with board games, table tennis etc to keep the residents cheerfully alert and agile.

Cocktails and Conversations

Living in a community, which believes in participative management, means the residents at Harmonia regularly engage in productive conversations. Whether spiritually elevated or sated with exotic delicacies, these meets invariably help in making their lives more enjoyable and purposeful.

Virundhu and Lunch Dates

At Harmonia, food is not just for the body. Proving that it is for the mind and soul too, are the numerous themed feasts and lunch dates, that the residents regale in

Partners and Get together

Every day is a Party day at Harmonia. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and at times for no reason at all, the residents do have a gala time at the Multi-purpose Hall.




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